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My name is Roger Knowles….


I’m Roger. I wrote the six books presented here, and the CE of Forum Publishing, has asked me to introduce myself and the books, then reply to any questions that might crop up via the ”reply box” below. She is a bit of a bully, so my only option was to comply. I’ve also promised that I’ll prioritise honesty over ”street cred” in any responses – gulp!

About me

Born in 1946, I like to think in terms of being a baby boomer, which I feel sounds so much better than ”old age pensioner”. Until around age fifty seven, I led a charmed life – fantastic wife, two kids who never gave me a moment’s trouble, good general health, and apart from just one blip, which is fictionalised in ”The Naked Emperor” I had a good and lucrative working life.

Then at around age fifty seven, I got ill. It came on quite slowly, and it took the NHS around two years to come up with a diagnosis of CFS/ME, for which they offered no constructive help. Four years on, I’d found ways to achieve dramatic health improvements and began to take an interest in life again. It was then that I came upon this website and what a fantastic website for CFS/ME sufferers it is. And it’s fantastic because of the incredible lady who runs it – Who is a severe CFS/ME sufferer, yet she’s dedicated her life to helping others, however ill she feels herself.

Although not a natural forum member, I joined the website’s forum in 2009 because I’d been so impressed by the main site. I became a site moderator in 2010, and it was then that I learned how difficult it is to maintain the website and forum financially.

Early in 2011, I re-read a novel that I’d had published in 2000, and which had done quite well, thanks to a very good press review. During this re-reading, it struck me that many of its aspects could be improved, so I decided to re-write it. While doing this, I had an idea based on the facts that I had a few other ideas for novels, and that it’s now possible to publish at low cost on Amazon’s Kindle platform.

So I suggested to that she set up an adjunct to the CFS/ME website to publish the previously published book along with several others that I was working on – six in all. 50% of any royalties earned would go towards funding the website’s and forum’s costs. With luck, a lot of luck, they might even cover them completely. She went along with the idea and Forum Publishing was born.

It was then suggested that I supply some personal photos for the project. On the basis that I’m old and ugly, and have therefore avoided anyone with a camera for several years, I refused. Sadly, she doesn’t accept refusals, so having been threatened with a thrashing, I eventually submitted and dug out a couple of old photos, which now appear on this website. ”The Good Times” – me, my wife and kids, is from the days when life was at its best. ”Early CFS/ME Signs” was taken shortly after I started to become ill. It was seeing that photo that made me realise I looked as bad as I felt! So they’re a sort of ‘before and after’ thing.

The Good Times, me, my wife and kids, is from the days when life was at its best.

''Early CFS/ME Signs'' was taken shortly after I started to become ill.

The Books

”Broken Cats & Cowboy Hats” – This is the one an earlier version of which was published conventionally in 2000. It’s a dark crime/thriller, which I hope conveys what I wanted to say. Judging by the comments on Amazon, it looks as though it might have done. You can see details and reviews Here if you live in the UK or Here if you live elsewhere.

”The Naked Emperor” – I enjoyed writing this – totally fictional, but based on various stages of my own life. It’s light and, I hope, funny. You can see details and reviews Here if you live in the UK or Here if you live elsewhere.

”To Be A Man” – Romance tends to be very genre specific and must follow a particular pattern. That’s what I was told but didn’t want to accept. So this book breaks all the rules, but I think it works. You can see details and reviews Here if you live in the UK Here if you live elsewhere.

”The Association” – I wanted to write a traditional adventure story. This is the end result. You can see details and reviews Here if you live in the UK or Here if you live elsewhere.

Coming Soon

”Day Of Reckoning” – I wrote an earlier version of this around twenty years ago. It was dreadful. Now completely re-written as a prequel to ‘The Naked Emperor’, it’s an hour by hour account of the day in which the hapless hero, Simon, decides that owning a motorcycle business has lost its appeal.

”The Cupboard Under The Stairs” – This is an extremely dark story, suitable only for those over eighteen with strong stomachs.

CFS/ME is a horribly debilitating, poorly understood disease and sufferers get very little help or support from conventional medicine or, often, friends and family. Our forum now has close to one thousand members who rely on it for that support and understanding, along with advice, guidance and friendship. But it doesn’t run on thin air.

Downloading just one of the above books to your Kindle, PC or other hardware, for which Free Apps are available from Amazon, helps support those members. If you then enjoy the book and feel able to post a review on Amazon, and perhaps promote what we’re trying to do here on any social networking site that you use, we might just get a big enough ball rolling to cover the website and forum’s costs, and we’ll be eternally grateful to you for that.



2 Responses to “My name is Roger Knowles….”

  1. Hi Roger.

    Which book did you enjoy writing the most and why?

    Thank you for the great reads, your brilliant.

  2. Hi Carrie,

    Hard to say really, but if I have to, I’d go for ‘The Naked Emperor’ and ‘Day 0f Reckoning’ because they seemed to write themselves. However, I think the best one is ‘The Cupboard Under The Stairs’.

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